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Your photographer for the perfect application photo

The application photo is one of the most important aspects for a successful first impression, because nowhere else this saying will be more true:

A picture says more than thousand words!

It makes no difference if you are in the beginning of your career, or if you are trying to move up the career ladder – a professional application photo which mirrors sympathy, competence and authenticity, will help you score immediately. An application photo is an investment in your personal future which will be immediately noticed. With a great application photo, it is possible to stand out of a crowd, and leave a positive impression straight away.

For me to be able to help you as much as possible for your success, I have specialized myself in the production of high-quality application photos. The aim in my work is to reflect your personality and capture your friendliness and charisma in an excellent photo for your job application. The respective photo style is adapted to you and also to the place where you apply.

Of course, I will be be pleased to advise you, because the image design of your application photo should be adapted to the respective industry and also to your personal taste.

Which location to choose for the application photo?

The studio:

Application photos are usually made in the studio with a neutral background.

Normally a grey, black or white background is used.

If the customer prefers another colour, then this can be arranged as well.

On Location:

An additional option that is becoming increasingly popular these days are business photos or application photos on site. Here, a location is selected that fits well with the application, like a modern architecture that can be seen slightly blurred in the background. There is also the possibility to come to your company or home with a portable studio.


Another option is an outdoor location. For some applications, a photo taken in nature may be an advantage.


Tips for the perfect application photo:


As a photographer, I do my best that you feel as comfortable as possible, however, it is very helpful if you have no time stress and already appear in good spirits for the photo shoot. This will automatically reflect on the photo


In photography, the saying “clothes make people” plays an important role.

The garments should be neat and clean.

Most of the time it is better to be overdressed rather than underdressed.

However, the clothing should be adapted to suit the application.

Total no-go: Un-ironed, wrinkled clothing!

Outer appearance:

A well-groomed appearance plays an important role similar to the choice of garments.

Women should wear make up suitable for the application.

Men should pay attention to a well-groomed shaved appearance with a good hair cut.

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